When In Doubt - Go to Ken Synder - LIKE NOW!

Ken is a wonderful healer and also a wonderful person. If you have sudden onset of any physical issues - please - just go to a session with Ken (he is great adjunct therapy with any medical healing profession). You may find out, as I did, that was all you needed to do to turn your situation around. Thank you Ken!

Walked out feeling so good!

After spending 26 hours traveling by car to Colorado & back I was a complete swollen hurting mess. I knew what I needed to do & made my appointment ASAP. Ken did an awesome job working on me & going over breathing at the end. I left feeling wonderful. Slept so much better that night too!

Healing in every way

After losing touch with Ken for some time, I'd forgotten how to breathe productively and was in physical distress. 3 sessions had me functional, 3 more, involved in my own life once again. His knowledge of what a healthy system needs is essential to me at 70 - it's a vital connection.

Healing from a serious cold

I experienced the worst sinus and chest congestion I have ever had. I had tried a few over the counter medicines that did not work. After three weeks of trying to be well I had a lymph and sinus draining session with Ken. I began withing 24 hours to have relief so I could begin to heal. With lots of rest I am almost 100 %. I am very thankful to have Ken to assist me as I have not and do not take medications so I am very sensitive to them. Now my body is healing itself as it should.

Awesome & unique experience

I had an awesome & unique experience with Ken. I felt safe, as he explained each part of the session and was patient to entertain any questions I had. I plan to return. I’ve already referred three discerning friends to him & I hope they follow through because he truly helped me release stuck and tense places in my mind and body. Highly and joyfully recommend! Also recommend the free breathing instruction when offered- made a huge difference in my meditation practice.❤️

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